FAQ’s Important

We get a lot of queries here at Legacy Funerals. Here is a selection of typical questions which illustrate how people welcome a low cost funeral option but are nervous at the same time. Below you will find useful answers.
We respectfully hope this offers reassurance and a sense of the service that Legacy Funerals provide to families suffering bereavement.


Yes. As experienced Funeral Director, we are thankfully as real as it gets. Legacy Funerals is staffed by fully trained Funeral Directors. The online aspect of it is simply so we can cut costs for you. Our business ethos is based on doing as much work as possible online, this way we save on overheads – we then pass that saving onto the client which gives a substantial reduction to the cost of your family funeral.
We are a Dublin based Funeral Directors – however – online funerals offer so much scope that we get queries from all over Ireland. For example, if a family from Offaly are considering cremation instead of burial, then Dublin crematoriums such as Glasnevin, Mount Jerome or Newlands Cross are often the most convenient and our low cost funeral options are proving very popular.
An online funeral is the same as a regular funeral. On the funeral day itself, an online funeral is no different from a traditional funeral. Thedifference is in how the funeral arrangements are made. Instead of a family coming to visit the Funeral Director in person, the family with the help of Legacy Funeral Directors, make the arrangements from the comfort of their own homes, using Legacy’s specially designed online Funeral Planner and telephone assistance if required.
Legacy Funerals will phone you back very quickly. The reason we ask you to leave a phone message is our way of cutting costs and overheads. In a more traditional Funeral Directors, there are staff dedicated to answering the phones as soon as a funeral query call comes in. Our funeral service to you is stream-lined but efficient – all calls are dealt with promptly.
Legacy Funerals guarantee that your funeral related call will be returned within 1 working hour. If a person has passed away and the family requires immediate assistance, then your voice message to Legacy Funerals will be death with as a matter of priority.
Many funeral features are the same – discreet professional staff at hand, all sensitive to your needs at this difficult time. High quality cars (see Q about Hearses & Cars below) – as befits the dignity and respect of the occasion. And while Legacy Funeral specialise in simple funerals often with no religious elements, we would often arrange and conduct more elaborate funerals depending on your wishes, which might include reposals, flowers, church music, funeral mass and more. The difference between a funeral arranged online and a traditional funeral arrangement is that Legacy can offer you a very special and streamlined set of choices, all cost conscious. Legacy Funerals are committed to innovation, embracing the new technology to offer the bereaved family radical new levels of price reduction.
This question surprised us here at Legacy Funerals. As Funeral Directors with many years’ experience in traditionally arranged funerals, we’re all highly trained in best practice regarding all aspects of funeral arrangements. Part of that is a deep commitment to the ethics as laid out by the profession. It’s unthinkable to us that a Funeral Director would not show up or betray a family who have entrusted the remains of their beloved deceased relative into our care. But we take your concerns very seriously and realise that in any progressive innovation, people will understandably feel a bit nervous. But yes, we will of course be there for you, with discretion and sensitivity, right throughout the funeral service of your precious beloved deceased relative.

Mercedes Benz is our Hearse and Limousine car brand of choice here at Legacy Funerals online.  Our fleet is black in colour, polished and maintained to the highest standards as befits the Mercedes Benz brand reputation. At Legacy, we know that the dignity of your beloved relatives remains needs to be upheld in vehicles long associated with reliability along with beautiful lines – funeral cars which convey an air of gravitas and a sense of occasion. Limousines are not essential – but rest assured that if you do decide on a funeral mourning car, Legacy will provide a beautiful vehicle worthy of your funeral tribute.

The remains of the recently deceased person will be dressed at Legacy Funerals by our professional preparation staff, trained to deal ethically and safely with care of your beloved deceased relative.
Coffins for the deceased are not automatically decorated with a cross or a crucifix. At Legacy Funerals, we arrange many non-denominational funerals with little or no religious element. The family decide how the coffin is decorated. You may opt not to have a cross. A brass breast-plate with the name of the deceased is required however.
No hidden costs whatsoever. That’s the whole idea behind Legacy Online Funerals. Our Funeral Planner combined with any extra help you need from your dedicated Legacy Funeral Director will give you all the clarity around cost you could ask for in terms of funeral costs, budget and overall price structure. If during the course of the funeral arrangements, you decide that you need more options, such as flowers or reposal times, then your Legacy Funeral Director will be able to let you know exactly what costs are involved.
Cremation costs in Ireland are between €550.00 and €650.00 depending on the crematorium selected.
The opening of an existing grave in Dublin depending on the cemetery – it’s generally between €890.00 − €1,040.00 – in rural Ireland the cost is generally lower. The biggest source of cost difference between burial and cremation prices are when a funeral requirement involves a new grave to be purchased – this can cost anything between €1,800.00 and €15,000.00.
The clothes you select for your deceased relative can be left with the deceased and we will arrange to collect the clothing when we collect your deceased relative.
The Legacy Funeral Planner Form can be amended after you submit. If you forget a detail, or change your mind about a Reposal, or a Death Notice, simply phone your Legacy Funeral Director, and we can make any adjustments you require. Our online Funeral Planner is not set in stone, it’s a tool to guide you through the different aspects of what you feel might add up to a meaningful funeral tribute.
You will require additional documentation to remove the ashes out of Ireland (Legacy Funerals can help you with this) and you should contact your Embassy to see if there are any restrictions importing the ashes into that country.
Yes – Legacy Funerals can offer you a Reposal gathering at a very elegant city centre Funeral Home in Dublin 1. The location could not be more convenient. We can also offer a Funeral Home facility in Dublin 15 if that’s more suitable. A modest fee would apply for this type of Reposal – your Legacy Funeral Director will give you the exact cost details and also give you expert guidance on crematorium service options and home reposals.
Yes. If your main funeral service will take place in another country and you don’t plan a Funeral Mass as part of your farewell rituals in Ireland, Legacy Funerals can arrange to have a priest come to the Crematorium to say prayers before the cremation, and can advise you of costs relating to this. This applies not just to Glasnevin but also the crematoriums in Mount Jerome and Newlands Cross.

FAQ’s Important