Quote Standard


In order for us to provide you with a quote, please select what options you require. Start by selecting a package and add on what you wish, if anything, from the options listed below.

Please note Grave purchase and opening are not included – we are happy to assist you in the purchase of a grave if required.
We will then contact you with the lowest price in the industry, guaranteed.

3rd party costs are not included in price:
For example – grave purchasing, grave opening, Urn, cremation and fees, paper notice, Limo service, flowers etc.

One Day Service

One Day Service from as low as €1790*
Removal to church or place of worship then onto cemetery or crematorium (one day service at place of worship)
When selecting a One Day Funeral Funeral, you will get a fully professional service at a budget to suit your needs from as low as €1,790. It includes a simple coffin, hearse, administration fees and removal from resting place to the church or place of worship and afterwards onto a cemetery or crematorium. (A one day funeral).
You can upgrade the coffin, add Limousine service. death notices etc at an extra cost by selecting the options below.
The price does not include 3rd party costs i.e grave purchasing, grave opening, cremation and fees, paper notice, Limo service, flowers etc.