Non Religious Funeral

You may not want to have the traditional religious funeral, but what options are available to you ?

Non-Religious or Civil Funerals are available to anybody who would like their funeral to be celebrated in their own way.

If you are unfamiliar with Non-Religious or Civil Funerals then below we have listed a number of questions and answers which should prove useful.

How does a Non-Religious or Civil funeral differ from a standard funeral?

The main difference is that a Religious Place of Worship will not form part of your service. Legacy Online would still look after the preparation, providing a coffin (you may request no cross, only a breast plate), providing a hearse and cars, organizing the burial / cremation, dealing with the death notice etc.

Our Funeral director can also advise you on a celebrant who would conduct the ceremony.

What happens at the Non-Religious or Civil Funerals?

There is no set order to a Non-Religious or Civil Funeral. Each ceremony is designed by the family and friends around the wishes of the deceased. A Celebrant who is fully trained in the organisation of the ceremony will meet you and guide you through the process and then conduct the ceremony if you wish.

The following may be included as part of the ceremony:

  • Music by family, friends or by musicians arranged by Legacy Online.
  • Poetry, the family decide what is read and by whom.
  • A reading.
  • A tribute, which the Celebrant can guide you through.
  • Speeches by family and friends etc.

Where can this be held?

The ceremony can be held in a number of suitable venues, it could be held at your residence, at Legacy funeral home or at the crematorium. You may have other suggestions which our Funeral Director can organize as part of your instructions.

How long does the ceremony take?

That is up to you. You will be designing the ceremony with the Celebrant.