Cost and Quality – both at the core of Legacy’s  new imaginative approach to funeral arrangements.  At Legacy Online Funerals, we believe that both aspirations can be upheld and satisfactorily addressed.  At Legacy Online Funerals, our team of professional Funeral Directors understands how the cost of a funeral can be a substantial added burden at a difficult time. We address this directly  – Low cost funerals, high quality service at Legacy online.
Anxiety about funeral budget can also exact a high price in stress levels to a family already suffering bereavement.
But Legacy also respects that your family funeral requires the highest level of service and professionalism.

We provide a complete online service (which you can customise):

Our easy to follow Funeral Planner allows you to plan the funeral service which best fits your needs. The Legacy Funeral Planner will work for you whether you are based in Dublin, in any other county across Ireland – or indeed from abroad – just last week, Legacy Online Funerals were able to assist a family where the elderly aunt had passed away in Dublin, but relatives in London found our online form very useful because they were able to make a good start on the Funeral Arrangements before flying home.
Once you submit your form, Legacy get to work and bring all our focus as experienced Funeral Directors to provide you with the highest level of service at the lowest cost possible.
You will hear back from us within one working hour and will receive a fully adjusted price plan within two to four working hours.
Also – please know that you can phone and amend any part of your requests. You can change your mind on coffin selection or the funeral service day or any aspect of the funeral. Death itself is sadly irreversible but your funeral tribute for your beloved relative can be tweaked and amended until it feels right for you.
A simple phone call to your Legacy Funeral Director and we can talk you through the many options available. Losing a loved one is a lonely business. Legacy can at least assist you in any way possible with your precious funeral arrangements.
All prices shown on the site are estimates and are based on the lowest price Legacy can offer our services for, depending on circumstances.
Each funeral is different and by completing the planner we are able to price the elements accordingly and come back to you with the lowest price in the industry, and that is guaranteed.
We specialise in the provision of multi denominational and non-religious funerals. Our goal is to serve the ever changing needs of the people of Dublin and all over Ireland, and to try to ensure that your experience is as stress free as possible, while carefully representing the wishes of your loved one.
Quite simply, Legacy Online offers the lowest cost funeral arrangements delivered in a professional and dignified manner, without compromising on quality or service.
If you require advice or guidance feel free to contact Sheila or John at Legacy Funerals  via email or voice mail by calling 01 7073970.
Your dedicated Legacy Funeral Director will get right back to you. (And please see our detailed FAQ section where we outline exactly why we ask you to leave a message).

Click on the Funeral Planner link and see how straightforward it is to arrange a low cost funeral, with exactly the services you require.